Doors & Dots

Create, share, and discover near-term meetings.

Share meeting details in a single, organized display.

Snap and share photos, and comment on meetings.

Socialize around locations, share your travel, and chat with friends on the real-time meeting map.

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Discover & Create

Discover all the upcoming meetings in your friend network in one place, catching all the important details in a single glance.

Create meetings quickly and easily:

  • Why - Bubble Tea Study Break
  • With Whom - The Ballroom Dance Team (Group Invite)
  • Where - The Teahouse
  • When - 30 Minutes From Now!

Details & Location Features

View all the meeting details in a single, organized display; comment among your friends; add activities to your mobile device calendar; and, take and share photos!

Share your real-time location, travel, and other information en route to meetings, using unique Doors & Dots features like on-map chatting (synced with meeting comments) and photo uploading!

• Location sharing starts 30 minute before the meeting.

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